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Boothhill Blades

Butter/Cheese Knife

Butter/Cheese Knife

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Handmade in Boothhill's Kentucky shop. Honestly, our most used knife in the kitchen. Sturdy enough for cheese or perfect for any of your spreading needs! Approximately 6-8" in length. All wooden utensils are food safe and have been sealed/coated with a mineral oil/beeswax compound.


Wood Care

Never leave wooden knife soaking unattended in a sink or dish pan. Never put a wooden servers in a dishwasher. If any of your wooden products begin to look dry or dull, apply a generous coat of a food-safe mineral oil finish. Heat the oil up a bit first if possible, then wait a few hours (or even overnight) and wipe off every trace with a towel. The idea is to protect the wood, but not allow the oil to build up. Don’t use vegetable oil or olive oil; they get sticky and go rancid after a while. There is no “rule of thumb” on how often you should refresh the finish, but certainly at least 2-3 times each year. You can also sand lightly with a fine grit sandpaper to refresh the "fuzzy" finish at any time. 

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