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Clos des Fous

Cabernet Sauvignon Grillos Cantores 2020

Cabernet Sauvignon Grillos Cantores 2020

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I think this is yummy and easy drinking, and my mom think it needs more "kick"...a decidedly medium/ full-bodied cab with blackberries and spiced black cherry fruit profile. 

A red wine produced in Chile's Cachapoal Valley by a group of four friends, Pedro Parra, Francois Massoc, Paco Leyton and Albert Cussen. The wine is made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and is aged in French oak barrels for 18 months.


The Cachapoal Valley is a wine-producing region located in Chile's Central Valley, south of Santiago. The terroir in the Cachapoal Valley is influenced by the Andes Mountains and the nearby Cachapoal River, which helps to regulate temperatures and provides water for irrigation. This unique combination of factors creates a terroir that is ideal for producing high-quality wines with intense flavors, good structure, and balanced acidity.

Just for Fun

Vinous Media defines body as "the weight of a wine on the palate based on its concentration and depth. Wines are typically described as ranging from light to full in body."

and tannins as "Tannins can take two shapes; they are present in the grape skins, seeds and stems, and are therefore a critical component in the spine, or backbone that allows a wine to age. Tannins can also be found in the wood barrels in which wines are aged. In the right proportion, tannin is a critical element in red wines, especially those that are meant to age. However, excessively tannic wines will never be in balance and are unpleasant to both taste and drink."

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