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Domaine Sérol

'Eclat De Granite' Cote Roannaise 2021

'Eclat De Granite' Cote Roannaise 2021

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This cuvée is similar to Les Originelles in that it is from a blend of different vineyards and that the amount produced and vineyards that it is sourced from vary from year to year. Its identity comes from the granitic soils in each terroir and the older vine ages: while the youngest vines may be only 10 years old, some of the domaine's oldest vines give their fruit to this cuvée as well. More entrenched vine root systems add complexity and the granite soils are the hallmark of the Sérol's terroir.


The soil, a mixture of granite and porphyry, and the climate are both ideal for the production of Gamay Saint Romain, the traditional local grape variety. This terroir also lends itself to the full development of the Viognier grape. The first vines of this variety were planted in 2007 and in 2010 the resulting wines were first produced with the Géographique Protégée: Vin de Pays d’Urfé designation.

Just for Fun

Domaine SEROL cultivates 28 hectares, wich they are in the process of converting toward organic agriculture. The main grape variety is Gamay Saint Romain.

Stéphane Sérol took over the state in 1998, following his parents, Robert and Marie Thérèse, who had already set high standards for the domaine's viticulture.

Stéphane replanted fallow parcels on the hillsides and integrated his respect for the environment into his viticultural practices.
He and his wife, Carine, vinify with the goal of preserving the grapes true expression and isolating the best terroirs to reveal their unique identities.

With a commitment to the Côte Roannaise that spans generations, the Domaine Robert SEROL cultivates 24 hectares of vines ranging from 5 to 80 years of age.
Situated on the foothills of the Massif Central, the 200 hectares of the AOC Côte Roannaise is the first wine producing area of the valley of the Loire river, near its source. Since the beginning, Robert has taken an active role in developing recognition for the appellation. And since 2003 Stéphane has also contributed to the promotion of the Côte Roannaise.

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