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Frug Zweigelt 2020 Liter

Frug Zweigelt 2020 Liter

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Zippy, juicy and best served chilled. Curious about natural wine? This might be a textbook example of what the kids are talking about. 

Fruity red with plenty of plums, cherries, figs, a spicy touch, pleasant round mouthfeel and good acidity – very sippable! The grape is Zweigelt. - Jenny and Francois website 


The Wurzinger winery lies in the south-eastern part of Burgenland, almost at the border with Hungary, and was established by the current owner’s grandfather. Josef took it over from his parents in 1991, gradually changing the vineyard management to organic before obtaining the certification in 2014. “Making the shift happen over many years was particularly important to us since we wanted to give our vines time to adapt and maintain the quality and fruitiness of our wines,” as Josef explains why the switch took some time. - winemaker of Frug

Just for Fun

Hungary has a long and rich winemaking history dating back over a thousand years. Monasteries and noble estates were important centers of wine production during the Middle Ages, and the industry flourished during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Despite setbacks such as the phylloxera epidemic and Communist era nationalization, Hungary's winemakers persevered and modernized the industry, leading to the country's current status as a producer of high-quality wines.

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