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Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon 2022

Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon 2022

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VARIETAL: 76% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Petit Verdot, 7% Merlot, 5% Lagrein, 2% Malbec APPELLATION: Paso Robles (San Juan Creek, Santa Margarita Ranch, Paso Robles Highlands)  WINEMAKER NOTES: The vast majority of this wine hails from Blocks 42 and 40 up in the Truesdale Vineyard, grown alongside grapes used by other world-class wineries. The Merlot and Malbec come from the famed Santa Margarita Ranch on the southern border of Paso Robles. MATURATION: The wines spent 18 months in almost 40% new French and American oak. - Broadside website 


Broadside is a winery based in Paso Robles, California. It was founded by winemaker Brian Terrizzi and his wife Stephanie in 2006. The name "Broadside" refers to a type of printing technique that was used to create propaganda during the American Revolution, as well as the fact that the winery sources its grapes from the west side of Paso Robles, where the vineyards are planted broadside to the ocean. The winery is known for producing small-batch, vineyard-specific wines that express the unique characteristics of the Paso Robles terroir.

Just for Fun

Lagrein is a red grape variety that is primarily grown in the northern Italian region of Trentino-Alto Adige. It produces wines that are deeply colored, full-bodied, and high in acidity, with flavors of blackberry, plum, and sometimes chocolate. Lagrein is often used in blends with other grape varieties, but can also be made into a varietal wine. It is a relatively rare grape, with only a few hundred hectares of vineyards planted worldwide.

When wine is aged in new oak barrels, it can pick up flavors and aromas from the wood. These can include vanilla, caramel, toast, spice, and smoke. New oak can also add texture and body to wine, making it feel richer and more full-body.

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