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Prosa Sparkling Rose 2023

Prosa Sparkling Rose 2023

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The Ezekial 4:9 (bread) of natural wine world. A crisp, sparkling done Charmat method, aka its not a petnat, from one of the largest organic farms in Austrian. Not everything has to be precious.

Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch, St. Laurent, Blauburgunder & Blaufränkisch the blend changes slightly every year, but this is the most recent cuvee. 


Meinklang is a lively farm compromising the three typical fields of a Pannonian farmstead in East Austria: wine-growing, fruits and agriculture. Each family-member is specialized in an aspect of farming. Angela and Werner are in charge of the wine estate. Quite unique is the estates own Angus cattle herd. It's the farms source for our own nutritious, organic dung for lively soils in the vineyards and creates the closed circle the biodynamic Demeter production. Outstanding issues are the totally unpruned vines, called «graupert» and the extended maturation in concrete egg-shaped containers. As well as the family initiated the first holistic Demeter brewery where we refine the ancient grain beer out of the old varieties called Einkorn and Emmer wheat.

this wine is biodynamically farmed and vegan with total sulphur: 73 mg/lt...a bit of a moral dilemma

Just for Fun

Zev Rovine is a well-known natural wine importer and distributor based in New York City. He is considered to be one of the leading figures in the natural wine movement in the United States, and he specializes in importing small production, organic, biodynamic, and natural wines from all over the world.

Meinklang is one of the most widely distributed and accessibile producers in his portfolio. They are an example of large scale biodynamic farming.

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