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Spritzy White Cans

Spritzy White Cans

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Transparency! This wine is decidedly not small production or "natural" but neither are Pringles and goodness those are delicious. Cheap, tasty and a feat of science! 

Varietal Blend 50% Loureiro, 40% Trajadura, & 10% Pederna

Total Sulphur
< 250 mg/L


Broadbent uses a special yeast (QA21) which gives a special character to the wine. This yeast was developed in their vineyards, and is now used all over the world. The way to make a proper Vinho Verde is to suppress the malolactic fermentation and inject carbon dioxide at canning - to give the wine its characteristic spritz.

Just for Fun

Sulphite is a term that covers all forms of sulphur, which is a natural by-product of fermentation so all wines contain a small amount of sulphites even if none has been added. The adjective sulphurous may have unappetising connotations but sulphur the noun is not irredeemably evil. As sulphur dioxide it has been used since classical times as an antioxidant (a virtuous word nowadays), a preservative and disinfectant. Mentioned by both Pliny and Cato, it is still widely and liberally used in the production of dried fruits, often described on packaging as E220 in Europe or 220 elsewhere. - excerpts from Cutting down on sulphur by Jancis Robinson (100% worth the full read)

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