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Pierre Gerbais

Champagne Extra Brut Grains de Celles NV

Champagne Extra Brut Grains de Celles NV

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A crisp, classic sparkling that is a nice entry into the world of grower champagne. This is small production wine so it comes and goes, stock up while its on the shelves! 

The Grains de Celles cuvée is made from Pinot Noir (50%), Chardonnay (25%), Pinot Blanc (25%) -- the blend of parcels and varieties, proportionally representative of the domaine’s overall production. 


Pierre Gerbais Champagne Extra Brut Grains de Celles is a unique and distinctive Champagne produced by Aurélien Gerbais, the fifth generation of winemakers at the family-owned Pierre Gerbais estate in the Aube region of Champagne, France. Aurélien is known for his focus on organic and biodynamic farming practices, as well as his commitment to traditional winemaking techniques that allow the terroir of his vineyards to shine through in each bottle.

Just for Fun

The Aube region of Champagne is located in the southernmost part of the Champagne appellation and is known for its rolling hills, lush vineyards, and picturesque villages. The region has a slightly warmer climate than other parts of Champagne and home to many small, family-owned wineries that are dedicated to producing high-quality, terroir-driven Champagnes using traditional winemaking techniques.

What is grower Champagne? Champagne that is produced by the same estate that owns the vineyards where the grapes are grown, as opposed to being produced by a large Champagne house that sources grapes from multiple vineyards.

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