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Tenuta delle Terre Nere

Etna Bianco 2021

Etna Bianco 2021

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Do you typically love a rounder, fuller white...dare we say an oaked Chardonnay?! This might be a slow entry in another region, grape, style...a whole new world!

A stunning white wine crafted by the renowned winemaker Marco de Grazia in the volcanic region of Etna, Sicily. This wine showcases the Carricante grape variety and offers a crisp acidity and minerality with notes of citrus and white flowers.



Marco de Grazia is a well-known Italian winemaker, wine merchant, and owner of the Terre Nere estate in the volcanic region of Etna, Sicily. He is known for his dedication to producing wines that showcase the unique terroir of Etna, and his wines have received numerous accolades and high ratings from wine critics.

Just for Fun

Rachel Roddy is one of my favorite food writers -- she is an author who known for her focus on Italian cuisine, particularly that of Rome and Sicily. One of her popular Sicilian recipes is Pasta con le Sarde, a traditional dish that features sardines, fennel, raisins, pine nuts, and saffron, among other ingredients.

In this dish, the sardines are cooked with garlic and onion until they break down into a flavorful sauce, which is then combined with sautéed fennel and other ingredients to create a complex and delicious pasta dish. The addition of raisins and pine nuts provides a sweet and nutty contrast to the savory flavors of the fish and fennel. THIS IS A PERFECT PAIRING!

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