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Fabio Ferracane

Macerato Catarratto 2020

Macerato Catarratto 2020

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Hey siri, play Take Me to Funkytown. Tastes like it looks! 

A long macerated Catarrato (white grapes) farmed organically in the northwestern end of the isle of Sicily. The winemaker was an assistant winemaker to Alessandro Viola for years before branching out with his own vineyards right next to Viola's.



Area: Contrada Bellusa – Salemi
Altitude/Exposure: 160m a.s.l., East-West
Soil composition: Medium permeability, tending to calcareous
Harvest: Manually, 3rd decade of September
Fermentation: Indigenous yeast
Winemaking: 19 days of skin contact, pressing and 2 months of ageing on the lees
Alcohol: 12°
Total amount of sulphites: 14 mg/l (no added sulphites

Just for Fun

Contrada Bellusa is a rural area located in the Salemi municipality, which is known for its picturesque countryside and historic architecture. The area is characterized by rolling hills, olive groves, vineyards, and fields of wheat, and is dotted with traditional stone farmhouses and ancient ruins.

One popular street food from Salemi is "panelle," which is a fried chickpea fritter typically served on a bread roll. It is a popular snack food in Sicily and can often be found at street vendors and markets throughout the island. This would be a fantastic pairing.

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