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Weingut Weszeli

Rosé Eden Naturtrüb 2022

Rosé Eden Naturtrüb 2022

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80% Zweigelt, 20% Cabernet Franc from 25 year old vines planted in loess soils, the grapes are vineyard sorted and hand-harvested in mid-September. Maceration takes place for 1-12 hours for 65% of the grapes that are also de-stemmed), while the other 35% whole cluster pressing. Spontaneous fermentation takes place with indigenous yeasts in stainless steel and lasts three weeks under temperature control. The wine spends one month in contact with the lees (no stirring). Aged in steel tank for four months. Unfiltered. - savio soares selections



Just for Fun

Lees are the residual yeast cells and other particles that settle at the bottom of a wine barrel or tank during the fermentation and aging process. Winemakers often choose to leave the wine in contact with the lees for a period of time, a process known as "lees aging" or "sur lie" aging.

When the lees are left in contact with the wine, they can impart certain desirable characteristics, such as creaminess, richness, and complexity. The lees can also help to stabilize the wine, by consuming any residual sugars and releasing natural preservatives.

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